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Vinolus x Yaban Sungurlu 2020

Ayağıbüyük Village, Sungurlu, Çorum

Latitude: 40° 5’23.90″N Longitude: 34°29’5.16″E

Ayağibüyük village lies southeast of Sungurlu in the province of Çorum. It is one of the very few remaining areas where the Sungurlu grape is grown, a white variety on the verge of extinction. Thanks to Fettah Kuzurluk, who carefully looked after the old vineyards where this grape grows on clay schist soils at an altitude of 1.025m, and to Selahattin Ambarkütük who helped us reach him.

Winemaker: José Hernandez-Gonzalez & Kübranur Cingirt Birtek
Harvest date: Hand-harvested on 26 September 2020
Alcohol: 12.3% / 75cl
pH: 3.24  TA: 5.1g/l (Tartaric) RS: 1.8 gr/lt
Closure: Diam 5 – 38/44


Sungurlu bunches were crushed and the destemmed grapes were put into skin contact and cold maceration in a stainless steel tank for 40 hours in an inert atmosphere.

After 40 hours of cold soak the free run juice was sent to fermentation. Alcoholic fermentation was made in two different vessels; in a 600 liter ovoid tank (provides microoxigenation and larger contact surface within the lees and the wine) and a stainless steel tank for a period of 34 days under controlled temperatures below 14 degrees.

After the fermentation the wine was kept on its fine lees for 8 months.  The wine was blended and protein&cristals stabilized. Bottled on June 10th, 2021. Aged for a further 12 months in bottle before release.